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Hey! This community is to post your "VCL Pick of the Day" - this is something that has been going around for a few years now. It originated in people's personal LiveJournals but I thought that having a community to see them all in one place would be a good idea. So far, so good!

- Use the PotD Template.
- Only PotD's can be posted here. Anything else that's VLC-related should be posted in the actual vcl community. Anything else can be posted in another appropriate community or your own LJ; if it's not a PotD or something very closely relating to it, it will get deleted.
- You can only pick one picture a day, and it's appreciated it if you picked something that has been uploaded recently. This isn't a must though.
- Don't pick your own artwork, and please don't pick work from the same artist too often. There's nothing wrong with a little variety :)
- Artwork with a rating higher than PG-13 should go under an LJ-cut, with a warning.
- Please try to keep descriptions at a PG-13 rating, even under cuts!
- If the picture has already been chosen, be sensible and pick another one. If you have a comment about the picture, just comment on the entry itself instead of making a new entry.
- Be polite. If you don't like something/someone, no bashing, no rude comments. This community is here to appreciate art, nothing more. Constructive criticism is allowed (but not encouraged - there are other places for that if the artist desires it), but that's as far as it goes.
- It's appreciated if you add in a few lines explaining what you like so much about the picture and why you chose it.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your moderator nefariouscory.

Links that might be of interest:
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- The VCL Archive
- The VCL Recent Uploads page
- The vcl community